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Created 19 December 2015 by Belle Cooper

Moved into Suggestions 18 October 2016

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    I love zapier (its how I found exist) but zapier works on a trigger/action system. The triggers could be anything connected to Zapier but what would the correlating action be? It almost seems like there would have to be a manual data entry option first before this viable. If there is a manual data entry UI then the available zapier actions could connect and essentially make easier those manual entries.

    29 November 2016
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    I would love to have this. We could use our own custom attributes within a zap.

    20 January 2018
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    Zapier 2.0 would give us (premium users) the option of tracking almost whatever we want!

    08 June 2018
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    I would love this because I could connect my journal to exist or journal in exist and making sure that it appears in my app. Also, I could track my number of evernote notes, or tasks completed

    10 August 2018
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    I’d love to see Zapier or IFTTT… either would massively help automate the process of tracking custom tags. From setting up a geofence around the gym to building out more advanced logic (when calories > 2000 then add custom tag ‘over calories’)… the potential is endless and very useful!

    15 January 2019
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    Would love to have Zapier on this. The way I would see it is that the output of a Zap trigger would be a custom tag.

    That way I can set up a lot of custom tags to automate themselves.

    26 January 2020
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    This would basically be the integration that makes so many other integrations possible, so yeah…I’d prioritize this one.

    12 February 2020
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    This would be awesome! Is there any plans to do this in the coming future?

    14 September 2020
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    If we do change our plans, this task will be updated to reflect that. At this stage we don’t have any concrete plans for this integration.

    17 September 2020
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    Plus one for this. This would empower individuals to bridge the gap of things Belle and Josh can’t/don’t want to work on that users want.

    02 October 2020