Outlook calendars

Looks like we can get calendar info from desktop Outlook using the Outlook API as well:

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Created 19 December 2015 by Belle Cooper

Moved into Suggestions 06 November 2016

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    yes please!

    13 January 2017
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    This would be HUGE for me!

    26 January 2017
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    This would be great; my work calendars are all in Outlook, not gCal or iCal.

    25 February 2017
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    Not sure the right place to have this discussion but I’m in the process of writing a PowerShell script that will run regularly and push events from my chosen outlook calendars, as well as emails sent/received to Exist. I can publish if there is interest

    26 February 2017
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    Yeah that’d be great! We need to get our act together and make a “third party integrations” page, but if you publish the script we can set that up and list it on there for sure :)

    28 February 2017
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    Benjamin, that would be awesome, maybe that could even lead to icloud integration for calendars, since it’s pushed from local.

    27 June 2017