Energy level

Ability to track energy level in a similar manner to mood.

Check out custom tracking for an example of how to track energy, tiredness, stress etc. without waiting for this feature:

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Created 19 December 2015 by Belle B. Cooper

Moved into Suggestions 23 October 2016

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    I would absolutely love this

    26 January 2017
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    Multiple entries per day would be ideal.

    03 March 2017
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    yes, like mood, tracking energy levels and putting that against other factors in Exist would be amazing.

    19 June 2017
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    I never know what to write down as my mood. Breaking it up might help to get more meaningful data.

    19 July 2017
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    This would be great

    11 August 2017
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    While you’re waiting, you can already track related qualitative measures like “low energy”, “tired”, “stressed” etc with new custom tracking:

    12 August 2017
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    The main problem with energy levels is that they are hourly, instead of daily, and that would mean a different type of way to register.

    I have more energy in the morning, a slump in energy after lunch, and a spike right before dinner

    06 December 2017
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    Very True. I really wish Exist allowed for hourly entries. I’m sure that would require a lot of changes. However, I think that if they allow users to enter hourly measurements and simply average out the multiple entries that would result in a more accurate energy level measurement. Please implement

    07 December 2017
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    We’re not looking to make these large architectural changes any time soon. Users overwhelmingly voted against this option in the survey.

    07 December 2017
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    Trying to understand what determines my different levels of energy in the evening is a key thing I am using Exist for. Using the custom tags only allows two states (‘tired’ tag and no tag), whereas having different energy levels would enable it to be more sophisticated - I have at least three different levels.

    12 June