Manual sleep tracking

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Created 19 December 2015 by Belle Cooper

Moved into Suggestions 11 September 2016

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    “Time I went to bed”, “Time I got out of bed” would be good — similar to UnderArmour Record’s approach.

    Despite the lack of fine-grained sleep data (which frankly, is potentially spurious from most of the accelerometer-based consumer tech out there anyway!) Beddit and Aura seems to have a better evidence base for their respective approaches, although even Zeo only had good approximations to fully-valid sleep studies.

    So I’d like to strongly argue that regression analysis on “time in bed” is at least as valuable an experiment as multivariate analysis on potentially-spurious datasets.

    Bonus points: Default the “time I got out of bed” to the first alarm set in the phone for the day. I At the other end of the day, I don’t think there would be much value in duplicating other apps’ “hey it’s time to go to bed” functionality. In my own experience, the utility of those notifications is low, as I’m already ignoring my phone by that stage :)

    09 January 2017
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    oops, I apologise for the editing errors above. I meant to argue that “time in bed” is at least as likely to be valuable as “potentially-spurious fine grained data”.

    09 January 2017
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    If we cant get sleep out of Apple Health, let us at least get it manually?

    20 May 2017
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    Timothy, Apple Health sleep integration is in beta testing and should be released very soon. I just have one last bug I’m trying to get fixed. You can see the updates about this integration here:

    21 May 2017