As a developer, my productivity is largely quantifiable by the number of keystrokes (and mouse clicks) I produce during a day. I’ve been tracking this data (and a lot of other data that could be useful) with WhatPulse.

WhatPulse provides an unauthenticated Web API (because the stats are public), which should make it fairly easy to track pulses. See for more details.

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Created 19 December 2015 by Belle Cooper

Moved into Suggestions 03 July 2016

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    Whatpulse would be very interesting to have. Like you i love it. And whatpulse data probably correlates with a lot of things.

    07 November 2017
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    I’d be very glad to see this happen, even if it’d be only for WhatPulse Premium users for whatever reason. Additional info:

    06 November 2018
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    I’d look into doing something myself in order to learn programming, but I can’t see a keystroke attribute that I can use. This one’s on you, guys and gals ;)

    06 November 2018
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    I’ve added your requested attribute to this developer thread 😊

    07 November 2018
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    This in combination with Rescue Time would be fantastic!

    24 July 2019
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    In addition to keystrokes, WhatPulse also tracks: clicks (Mouse clicks), uptime (WhatPulse uptime I believe, not computer uptime), download and upload (Network logging via WinPcap).

    My public profile might help show this in practice, if you’re interested in adding the other attributes before the new 2020 roadmap.

    With the focus on re-engineering Exist itself next year, I realise that integrations are going to take a back seat for a while, so I thought I might look at working on some “third party” integrations to pull data into Exist for others, and WhatPulse is a prime candidate for my first project.

    04 October 2019
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    We probably won’t be adding new attributes any time soon, I’m sorry, as we only just did a batch.

    05 October 2019
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    No problem, I figured I was a bit late to the discussion for anything to be done at this point. The information is here for posterity at least now.

    06 October 2019