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Track who you see in the day. We could start by using event invitees and possibly others mentioned in check-ins to grab a list automatically, but let this be entered manually when we support manual tracking.

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Created 03 March 2016 by Josh Sharp

Moved into Completed 20 October 2022

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  • 03 March 2016 Josh Sharp created this task

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    I’d like to use the API to write this data, but the data type should be specified first…

    31 May 2016
  • 02 August 2016 Josh Sharp moved this task into Suggestions

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    Like the idea but I think there it is quite difficult to implement for now so would rather see development time dedicated elsewhere.

    20 August 2017
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    Thanks again for the feedback Jurgen. Actually this is something that can now be tracked manually with custom tracking, so there’s probably no reason to implement this suggestion as well.

    21 August 2017
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    I’ve been using manual tags to do this. It works pretty well and has resulted in interesting data.

    If it could pull event attendees from calendar events that would be awesome, but it’s probably a whole ton of work for very little benefit.

    21 August 2017
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    Yeah, that’s my thinking as well.

    21 August 2017
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    By manual adding you can choose who do you want to track, but in the other way you’ll have a bunch of people you don’t need to track. I think the manual way is easier for everyone.

    18 September 2017
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    Is that Swarm API can fetch the checkin friends? It’s always auto first I think. Also too much tags may make it tag too heavy

    16 March 2018
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    It can, but as far as I understand this means you have to check-in to track who you’re with, and your friends also have to check-in. Not the best solution.

    17 March 2018
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    ClozeCRM has nearly perfected this people tracking feature request (which would be so cool in a LifeLogging dashboard!). They are able to directly read phone and text activity from all the major cell providers (and you’ve already got Gmail in your toolbelt - just add the to/from field). Oh, they also support RingCentral (VoIP). The only manual entries would be for when I’m interfacing with someone who is not in my calendar (wife, kids, friends) - but then again there are several location-connecting apps that disclose distance you significant others so that could even be automated. Wow!

    08 June 2018
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    Similar, but One useful and hopefully easy thing might be to track the number of invitees in an event as a data point.

    1 other invitee is a “1:1” event, and more than that is a “meeting”. Otherwise it’s just blocked time in the calendar. I’d love to track no and length of 1:1s and meetings as opposed to blocked time…

    19 October 2020
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    With the ability to track this with custom tags and manual tracking, we’re marking this as completed.

    20 October 2022
  • 20 October 2022 Josh Sharp moved this task into Completed