Google Docs spreadsheets

Custom tracking via a docs spreadsheet. This one would be pretty tricky, but possible if there’s an overwhelming response asking for it.

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Created 28 January 2016 by Josh Sharp

Moved into Suggestions 06 November 2016

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    I have lots of data in google docs spreadsheets.

    I suppose I’d have to reorder the sheets or create new sheets in my docs to make it easier for Exist to read them.

    31 May 2016
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    Possibly only allow this for Google Forms-based spreadsheets, because those have a fairly strict structure, no?

    11 August 2017
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    I use a very simple format (the one suggested by Google’s data studio, date in column 1 in standard format) to create time series information in Google sheets. All kinds of things can export sheets in a suitable format, including triggers from zapier and ifttt. This would make exist able to accept just about any data. Might be hard to get the meanings from a sheet… Perhaps create a list of exist recognised headings?

    24 November 2017
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    I use Tiller Money for finances…would be VERY handy to have my Google Sheets here to see NetWorth or spending habits.

    25 November 2018
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    I don’t use a health tracker or device, but I could use sheets to manually track!

    29 November 2018
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    this would be amazing and allow me to send more datas to exist

    24 April
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    Since Google Sheets are one of the best tools for tracking data, why not to integrate them and make Exist even better than it already is?

    12 November