Xiaomi Mi Band / Mi Fit

This seems to sync to both Apple Health and Google Fit so probably the best way for us to support this is to implement Google Fit.

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Created 23 February 2016 by Josh Sharp

Moved into Completed 17 August 2017

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    This is such a cheap device, it really lowers the barrier for cloud-connected step counting.

    10 March 2016
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    We really should try this

    31 January 2017
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    And the newly released mi band 2 which is much more better and still very affordable

    22 February 2017
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    Google Fit is supported - should this not be closed?

    17 August 2017
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    I’ll move this into Completed so we still have a record that this exists, but is supported by Google Fit integration. Thanks for mentioning it.

    17 August 2017
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    Google Fit integration doesn’t sync sleep time with Exist, but Xiaomi Mi Band have this information. It’s possible to sync that?

    21 November 2017
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    Sleep from Google Fit is currently in Planned.

    22 November 2017