Polar devices

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Created 19 December 2015 by Belle Cooper

Moved into Suggestions 12 August 2016

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    I can get most data out of my device by way of other connected apps -> Strava, Google Fit, etc. But I can’t get sleep data out.

    I’d be just as happy to be able to manually enter sleep data. Binary tags just don’t quite do it for this…

    12 September 2017
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    I’m only just staring Exist but my understanding is that its chief feature is integration of data, allowing trends to be more easily noticed. Therefore, even though all data from my Polar A370 and H7 heart monitor are logged to the Polar Flow app on my phone and to online, I’d still like to see Polar data (especially sleep and heart rate data) in Exist.

    28 October 2017
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    And we’re happy to add it, Barry, once it’s popular enough :)

    29 October 2017
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    Adding Polar / Polar Flow would be great. Many folks, including me, use their products for sleep, weight (they have a connected scale) and fitness tracking.

    27 December 2017