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  • 14 February 2016 Belle Cooper created this task

  • 25 September 2016 Belle Cooper moved this task into Suggestions

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    I would love to see this connected!!

    21 February 2017
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    This is one of the most interesting quantified-self gadgets and would really be highly connected to your mood.

    30 March 2017
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    Please integrate!

    09 April 2017
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    Love Spire. Would love to see an integration here!

    15 May 2017
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    This wearable does a good job of tracking how many minutes of calm/focus/tenseness you have in a day. Pretty unique for that. Also has meditative breathing sessions.

    17 November 2017
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    Love Spire. It tracks your breathing to tell you when and how much of a mood you have in a day. It also tracks your steps like fitbit.

    06 February 2018