Blood pressure from Withings

Blood pressure and blood oxygen readings.

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Created 31 August 2016 by Josh Sharp

Moved into Suggestions 03 November 2016

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    Also Blood Pressure from ihealth cloud. However, just having a blood_pressure attribute would work for me =)

    05 July 2017
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    OX reading from Withings also!

    09 July 2017
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    Voting this up also - I don’t care if the attribute gets imported directly from Nokia/Withings app (an existing integration) or through Google Fit (which would potentially allow a wider range of measuring devices), but I definitely want to have the attribute and track it, as it is important for health and can have many interesting correlations.

    07 September 2018
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    Hi, would really appreciate this feature! Not sure if you’re still looking into it, but the attributes are available in the Withings API and you’re already connected, so it should be a quick one!

    19 April
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    Blood pressure from withings would be a really good thing. Interesting to get correlations with it related to mood…

    19 April