Food/nutrition from Google Fit

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Created 18 September 2016 by Belle Cooper

Moved into Suggestions 03 November 2016

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    Roundabout way to get most of what’s useful from a MyFitnessPal integration - MFP and Google Fit are pretty well integrated.

    15 August 2018
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    I Have a ton of food data synced with Google Fit via the Lose It app. I’m trying to piggyback off of the Fitbit app (I don’t even have a Fitbit 😅) but the data sync between apps is really opaque (don’t know if it doesn’t work, or it just hasn’t synced yet)

    19 November 2018
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    I am with the group on this. Google Fit has the data in it but for some reason there is no way to get it into exist. Actually I have not found any real food tracking in exist.

    13 December 2018
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    It’s just because we have limited time, and this hasn’t been a very popular request (and still isn’t compared to many other integrations). We do already support multiple sources of food data, you can see what integrations provide which attributes here.

    14 December 2018