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  • 19 December 2015 Belle Cooper created this task

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    Belle’s talked to them about integration, and they are making a basic stats API available, but it’s a long way off. Nice guys, though.

    09 February 2016
  • 02 August 2016 Belle Cooper moved this task into Not possible/Seek alternatives

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    Any update on this one please?

    21 October 2018
  • 22 October 2018
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    No, that was only a few months ago, and I’m not sure it’s ever going to happen to be honest. If something changes the task’s status will be updated.

    01 January 2019
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    I wonder if their new Pockets Casts Plus subscription model with custom audio upload support means an API is on their roadmap again.

    Here’s their blog post about their new monetization model: https://blog.pocketcasts.com/major-new-update

    19 September 2019
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    They do have a history page, at: https://play.pocketcasts.com/history Could be scraped, I guess.

    26 June 2020
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    That’s good to know. I’m not keen on adding something that requires us to know the user’s credentials, though.

    27 June 2020
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    Yes, understood. I become suspicious of any service that asks for my credentials. But I thought it might be useful info for the type of people reading this, and I guess them making this info available to their users is a first step. (Next step would be them making it exportable to eg. a CSV file).

    28 June 2020
  • 05 August 2022 Josh Sharp edited this task

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    Would it be possible to use a method similar to scrobbling by last.fm where the Exist official app is constantly reading the notifications (to get the media notification)?

    I know it wouldn’t cover web use. But it will cover a lot of multimedia apps at once on the device itself.

    Then certain known apps can be categorised podcasts. For example Pocket Casts only plays podcasts so it’s a safe assumption to make. Other media apps perhaps not.

    26 February 2023
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    This might be possible, but isn’t the most robust approach, and not really something we’re keen to do at this stage.

    03 March 2023
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    Turns out last.fm can scrobble Pocket Casts. It just took a long time for it to appear as a player to select from in the last.fm settings.

    It would be nice to track the difference between a “track” and “podcast” but oh well. After some thought it’s probably pretty low on the list of metrics with value for tracking.

    06 March 2023
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    Can you please tell me where to set this up? Is this on desktop or in the app?

    08 May