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Body fat from Fitbit

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Created 19 December 2015 by Josh Sharp

Moved into Under consideration 23 August 2016

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    Patrick Martin

    I would like also

    07 March 2017
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    Fotini Bogiatzi

    Me too!

    09 August 2017
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    Jean-Philippe Souillier

    I would like it too. Even if my scale is a withing one. In fact my fitbit database can connect to withing scale and access bodyfat and weight.

    22 August 2017
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    Josh Sharp

    Jean-Philippe there is a suggestion for body fat from Withings too, which might be more useful for you https://changemap.co/hellocode/exist/task/1544-body-fat-from-withings/

    23 August 2017
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    Raul Vega

    This would be wonderful

    15 April