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Blood pressure from Apple Health

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Created 10 February 2016 by Belle B. Cooper

Moved into Under consideration 15 October 2016

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    This is important! Also look into Heart Rate Variability please!!! - very important for stress level analysis

    04 October 2016
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    Wouldn’t integrating all data available through apple health be simpler than dealing with apps/services piecemeal ? Apart of course from specific data not being imported in it!

    20 February 2017
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    Hi Serge,

    If you mean why don’t we integrate all Apple Health data at once, that’s because different types of data are stored differently in Apple Health, so I have to write specific code for each type of data—there’s no way to just grab everything.

    If you mean why don’t we use Apple Health instead of building direct integrations with other devices and services, that’s because a) not everyone has an iPhone or even wants to use Apple Heath, and b) Apple Health doesn’t cover all types of data, or have the best quality data in many cases.

    21 February 2017
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    Belle, I agree with both of your points above but Serge still has a valid point. You’d reach more people with greater functionality faster by making Health Kit integration the priority and then concentrating on the one off apps.

    21 February 2017
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    Michael, it’s all well and good to say that as an iPhone owner, but not all of our users have one :) in terms of the iOS app development, we are indeed prioritising HealthKit data, but it doesn’t make sense to rest our entire platform on it.

    Also, there are many types of data we are interested in, and not all of them are health or activity related! HealthKit is not a silver bullet for everything users are after.

    22 February 2017
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    Just having the BP field is awesome for any of us who import our data from other sources, thanks!

    05 July 2017
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    I would like to vote for this one again or at least have the ability to track blood pressure, even if it is not from apple health but obviously, I would prefer apple health blood pressure data to be imported.

    19 September 2017
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    Agreed, this would be useful but taking a snapshot at a certain time in the day might not produce useful results, from day to day.

    20 September 2017
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    This is my number one request. Lots of important deductions can be made, see what Welltory does with this data its incredible

    10 October 2017
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    Once this is available correlations with weight would be a great value add.

    Personally, I have seen Systolic & Diastolic go down along with weight loss.

    06 December 2017
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    I’d like to add Amy vote to this as well as someone that suffers from Hypertension. What would this would/should/could also allow is easy tracking of how often your BP is measured. I currently track this manually. Having it tracked automatically would also act as a reminder that I need to measure my BP (which I often forget to do).

    29 May