Add a new set of attributes to support

Part of encouraging others to create their own integrations, and also being ready for manual tracking (either our own or from other services) means supporting things that users want to track. We’re looking at popular services and what data they provide, and will create the related attributes ready to go.

New attributes for this round:

  • meditation_min
  • words_written
  • commits
  • tasks_completed
  • coffees
  • alcoholic_drinks
  • emails_sent
  • emails_received
  • body_fat
  • articles_read
  • sunrise
  • sunset
  • money_spent
  • cycle_min
  • cycle_distance

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Created 30 December 2015 by Josh Sharp

Moved into Completed 07 April 2016

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    Three more suggestions (for the folks):

    • episodes_watched
    • movies_watched
    • tv_min
    10 February 2016
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    Thanks @mlapida, will keep in mind for the next round.

    10 February 2016
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    Can you change (or create a very high limit) for the character count for mood tracking? I’d like to use at the end of the day (like a diary) to add context while looking over my data and my mood that day. This would make Exist work perfectly for my needs.

    14 February 2016
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    @parkercumming1 unfortunately not, based on how we’ve structured mood records in the DB — at least in the short term. The current max length is 250 characters. Would being able to add multiple ratings throughout the day (each with a 250-char note) solve the issue? This is another feature being considered.

    14 February 2016
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    @joshsharp That would work. As matter of use, it would keep me in the app, make for more powerful timeline, and I wouldn’t have to use multiple apps greatly simplifying my user experience.

    14 February 2016
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    @parkercumming1 great! Be sure to vote that proposal up then.

    14 February 2016