Heart Rate Variability - HRV (rMSSD)

While most of the HRV apps use some sort of “score” conversion, or adjust the score in relation to trends, as long as the rMSSD value is available, it should be comparable from app to app (even if the app doesn’t make the rMSSD transparent, it’s usually possible to figure out how they’re transforming it into a proprietary score). I’m not sure what apps/services have APIs or would be easy to partner with, but manual entry would at least be a starting place.

Popular apps are Elite HRV, SweetBeat HRV, BioForce HRV, Ithlete, and my personal favorite, HRV4Training (which seems to have the most integrations with other services).

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Suggested 29 December 2016 by user deleted user

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    Adding rMSSD from Elite HRV, as well as their readiness score would be a gamechanger for actually tracking the impact of other factors on our nervous system. +1000!

    10 March 2017
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    I use an emfit QS sleep tracker that also includes HRV measurements as well as derived values for recovery. Just having the attribute fields for this works for me as I need to sync the data manually via API right now anyway.

    05 July 2017
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    +1 for hrv4training and rMSSD!

    16 July 2017
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    HRV is actually 1 of the best measures of overall health. So this would seem like we really need to get that from somewhere into exist.

    This data could also be extracted from the following sleep trackers: oura ring & emfit. There might be other sleep trackers that do this too.

    20 August 2017
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    The option to pull HRV data from Apple Health (which can now track this, along with several other new heart rate metrics) would also be very helpful.

    09 January 2018
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    Oura and HeartMath (inner balance) also track this. HeartMath’s device/app tracks a lot of HRV related data that could be very useful.

    24 February 2018
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    Add Welltory to the list of HRV measurement apps

    02 August 2018
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    Elite HRV and HRV4Training, this preferred, would be great 👍🏼

    30 September 2018
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    ln(rMSSD) is the most comparable over time; automatically calculation would be nice

    30 September 2018
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    I second the welltory suggestion, although I suspect they wouldn’t be so easy to partner with because it’s a paid service.

    05 January