Meditation time from Google Fit

This is an ‘activity’ in Google Fit, which we already access to get workouts, so it should be very easy to fill meditation time from the same call.

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Suggested 10 January 2017 by user Jens Knutson

Moved into Completed 20 July 2018

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  • 10 January 2017 Jens Knutson created this task

  • avatar already syncs meditation details with google fit - ideally, could just grab that data.

    20 March 2017
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    Calm is just one source of meditation data (albeit, my preferred source as well), and it already syncs with Google Fit which has a robust API, and can collect meditations from other sources, or manually entered ones, as well. Additionally, there’s already Google Fit integration for other health-related data. So, I think it’d likely make more sense to integrate meditations from Google Fit than it would be to integrate directly with Calm, since nothing would be lost and a lot more possibilities gained.

    31 May 2017
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    Hey Ben, Calm is already in “Not possible” anyway as it doesn’t have an API. Google Fit for meditation makes more sense, but is not yet a very popular suggestion.

    01 June 2017
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    It took me forever to figure out how to connect Calm to Google Fit (even though it was fairly obvious once I did) but now that I’m connected I’d love for that to be a category that could import to Google Fit.

    25 November 2017
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    …I mean, from GF.

    25 November 2017
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    It took multiple times to connect “Calm” with “fit”. Finally, it finally works and connects with vitality.

    26 January 2018
  • 21 March 2018 Josh Sharp moved this task into Under consideration

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    It looks as though the Calm integration has gotten a bit smoother since these last posts, as i was able to easily connect Calm just by using the Google Fit toggle within the Calm app.

    Additionally, another meditation app called Headspace also has a quick and easy Google Fit integration. Same step, just a toggle to sync data to Google Fit.

    It would really be wonderful if Exist could pull in meditation minutes from Google Fit. While minimalistic, this would still cover Calm and Headspace, which would be fantastic!

    21 March 2018
  • 23 March 2018 Josh Sharp edited this task

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    There is a value in the API for meditation time, so it’s possible to create an app that would update this value (and maybe pull that from Google fit).

    30 March 2018
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    Would definitely be for this. Headspace started syncing up their time with Google Fit as well. It would be fantastic to have correlations between mood, productivity, and meditation.

    08 April 2018
  • 23 June 2018 Josh Sharp moved this task into Planned

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    Hi Sindre,

    When anything changes on this task, it’ll be moved to the appropriate column and/or we’ll add a comment. If you’re subscribed to the task, you’ll be notified.

    05 July 2018
  • 10 July 2018 Josh Sharp edited this task

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    awesome to see this moved into the “Planned” column, thanks Belle and Josh!

    19 July 2018
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    +1 Yes! Now just to convince Insight Timer to sync with Google Fit 😬

    19 July 2018
  • 20 July 2018 Josh Sharp moved this task into In progress

  • 20 July 2018 Josh Sharp moved this task into Completed

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    OMG it’s here! Amazing! :D

    Thanks. ^_^

    08 August 2018