Choose units per attribute

Here in Canada, we are supposed to be metric, but we’re closely tied to American products with their imperial units. In my region at least, we measure distance in km, but a person’s height in feet and weight in lbs. We use Celsius for temperature, but food energy is always calories instead of kj. I would appreciate more fine-grained control over which units are displayed.

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Suggested 26 January 2017 by user James Wilcox

Moved into Planned 16 June 2017

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    Choosing units per attribute is something we’re planning on implementing in the future, but we don’t have an ETA for this right now.

    28 January 2017
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    I second this from a UK/Germany/Australia perspective. Preference here is kcal instead of kj. The values are already displayed in kcal in Apple Health.

    27 July
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    Please can you implement miles/celsius for all your UK users.

    Many thanks

    07 August