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Blood Pressure from Omron

There are Omron blood pressure monitors (for example, the 7 series) that communicate with Android and iOS devices and use the Omron Wellness app. It would be nice to include them in Exist if possible.

Not possible due to lack of API.

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Suggested 30 January 2017 by user Gabor Revesz

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    This is in the not possible section. Is there a reason?

    12 October 2017
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    Yes, “due to lack of API” as mentioned.

    12 October 2017
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    Ah yes, I should probably learn to read ;~)

    13 October 2017
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    Also Omron Connect which integrates with Apple Health, so couldn’t integrate here? (I no longer use Apple so that’s no an option)

    15 October 2018