Track miles traveled, what percentage of the time you spent in traffic, what percent under the speed limit and how many contributions you make to Waze per mile.

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Suggested 07 March 2017 by user Diedre Braverman

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    As someone with a lengthy commute, I’d love to see this data integrated!

    13 March 2018
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    I’m a self-employed writer and work from home, but I often spend my driving time listening to podcasts and audiobooks. It would be interesting to see how my time spent driving corresponds with overall productivity. Also, I think it would be interesting to see the stats mentioned in the original request, especially time in traffic and percent under speed limit.

    16 March 2018
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    This would be really great to see how my variety of coping mechanisms for traffic (music, books on tape, silence) are really working, and whether the level of traffic congestion causes some kind of health hangover.

    18 May 2018
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    Is the Exist app able to record this? I notice that the Mute app can track when you’ve travelled.... might not have traffic data etc but would be a start?

    31 May 2018
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    OMG. I have a 3-4 hour commute Every.Single.Day that I have to drive to the office. I already use RescueTime to document that the days that I work from home I’m 1.25%-1.5% more productive, but the drives are incredibly exhausting so on days when I drive in it would be interesting to see the impact of them on everything. I’ve already been diagnosed with high BP since moving here. :-(

    26 April 2019
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    If there’s any way to pull information on how many hazards you encounter when driving (wrecks, police, poor road conditions, etc.) out of waze and note those as well, I’d love to see if there’s a correlation between these factors and stress while traveling.

    12 February