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Nutrition from Cronometer

This nutrition tracker goes beyond calories and macros to break down the total micronutrient profile of common foods and add it all up, making it easier to achieve total micronutrient sufficiency.

By connecting this, we could track single variables as magnesium, vitamin d, c etc. as well as our macros over time, and correlate them with mood, training results, sleep etc.

Not possible due to lack of API.

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Suggested 10 March 2017 by user Lasse Jellum

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    Is there a similar product like cronometer that does have an API/integrate with Exist?

    21 August 2018
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    We support food tracking via Fitbit and anything that syncs to Apple Health, but I’m not aware of any apps that work like this and can sync to Exist so far.

    21 August 2018