Sexual Activity from Apple Health

I think this would be good to include as it can both positively and negatively affect mood, productivity, sleep time, etc. :-) iOS apps like Naughty allow for more detailed tracking but store the basic data in Apple Health.

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Suggested 30 March 2017 by user Josiah Redding

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  • 30 March 2017 Josiah Redding created this task

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    This is one that will be partially solved with custom tracking using tags like “sex”, etc.

    01 July 2017
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    Partial solution sort of works but would be really valuable to get more-fine grained data (i.e. times per day, specifically at what time).

    09 August 2017
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    We only track totals per day at the moment anyway, so the only thing you’re missing out on is tracking quantity :) You can solve this with tags like “sex”, “sex 2x”, “sex 3x” etc. to track specific amounts and see correlations related to quantity.

    09 August 2017
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    All Apple Health Data would be helpful!

    19 October 2017
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    Watch out, someone will ask for the ability to upload pictures next…

    26 March 2018
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    I think John was joking but I agree, it’s an important issue and the joke wasn’t in the best taste. Let’s all try to respect others’ suggestions.

    27 March 2018
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