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Cambridge Brain Science Tests

From their website: “Cambridge Brain Training emphasizes measuring your cognitive performance over training your brain.

Taking a challenge will give you a snapshot of the current functioning of your brain. A lot of lifestyle factors, such as physical activity, sleep, and stress (which you can track in your journal), affect your cognitive performance. Taking the tests at Cambridge Brain Sciences allows you to view how your cognition changes along with your life. Think of it more like a Fitbit for your brain than a piece of exercise equipment.”

This one isn’t possible because there’s no API available for us to get access to test data.

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Suggested 09 May 2017 by user deleted user

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    Is there something like this that could be integrated? Alternatively, is there a way this could be hacky-integrated using custom tags? Custom tags would need more flexibility (e.g. to be able to put scores in and look at changes over time, rather than yes/no).

    23 September 2017
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    Nothing we’ve found that can be integrated. Most people don’t think about making their data accessible and just keep making their own silos of data over and over.

    Custom values are being considered: but as this is a big change, it wouldn’t be soon. There’s a lot else to do first.

    23 September 2017