Sleep breakdown from Fitbit

This is a suggestion to add things like time taken to fall asleep, time in REM, sleep efficiency as a percentage, and other values that Fitbit now supports.

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Suggested 12 May 2017 by user Simon McKenzie-Nickson

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    Just adding the additional attributes for time in various sleep states, “light”, “deep”, “REM” would be great for people syncing their own data as well!

    05 July 2017
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    The sleep we get (or don’t get) and the quality of it (REM sleep that produces growth harmones needed for body building, deep sleep when the body does a near shutdown, etc.) all totally affect our overall health. Besides, I love to see that Fitbit sleep data over time and stored permanently…

    08 June 2018
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    Totally agree with the proposal, the breakdown is what would really help on the correlations. Correlating with time asleep does not depict the actual state I am, as I could be in bed longer but actually have low effectives (low REM, low deep sleep stages).

    19 September 2018
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    Fitbit now provides a “sleep score” that is a simple number out of 100 - very useful for this purpose.

    26 June