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Humidity from Dark Sky

Dark Sky makes humidity data available so we’d add this along with the other weather attributes we already track.

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Suggested 03 July 2017 by user Megan Boswell

Moved into Under consideration 22 January

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    Kristin Morin

    I’m pretty sure humidity is one of the major factors in my migraines, and it definitely impacts my mood. Please track this!

    12 August 2017
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    Fotini Bogiatzi


    17 August 2017
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    The Mad Canudist

    This sounds like an easy win!

    17 August 2017
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    Yes, please! 👍

    18 September 2017
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    Kathleen Bennallack

    Me too - humidity affects not only my migraines, but also my general mood, energy, appetite, etc.

    25 November 2017
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    Wyverns Rose

    Barometric pressure is also a significant factor.... Temperature precipitation and wind provide metrics which amount to water is wet… For those of us with chronic health issues like asthma allergies arthritis fibromyalgia, we need humidity barometric pressure temperature precipitation and Wind speed because it impacts our health

    26 April
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    Ben Morrow

    Definitely affects my mood - would be interesting to see correlations.

    18 May