Time of meals

I’d really like to track when I eat each of my meals, mostly to correlate them with bed time and energy level / mood. (I’m not sure if there’s a good app to get this from, but I’d be perfectly happy with a custom attribute that could be a time of day).

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Suggested 31 July 2017 by user Petra Jaros

Moved into Completed 14 October

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  • 01 August 2017 Josh Sharp approved this task

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    Maybe connection with Bitesnap would make sense.

    12 March 2018
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    For those using it (I’m not), I believe connecting with MyFitnessPal would allow this tracking.

    27 October 2020
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    Time of medications would be helpful too. I think custom attributes can be times now, though?

    13 October
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    You’re right, we can mark this as done now that you can add custom attributes for things like “breakfast time” (using a time of day type), “lunch time”, and so on. Great!

    14 October
  • 14 October Josh Sharp moved this task into Completed