Previous day correlations

There are often things that affect me the next day that would we great to see included in correlations. For example, eating junk food one day could result in fewer steps the next day; or seeing my weight went down only because I didn’t drink much water the day before. This would be especially useful for me tracking streaks and what harms/helps with forming habits.

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Suggested 01 August 2017 by user James Wilcox

Moved into Planned 28 December 2017

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    Josh Sharp

    Agreed! This is another task in our huge backlog that we’ve been hoping to get around to eventually. Maybe once custom tracking is out :) I agree it should make a difference in predicting how behaviours affect one another across more than one day.

    01 August 2017
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    Nicole Ross

    This would be amazing!

    02 September 2017
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    Seth Sternberg

    His would be huge! So many things affect you the next day, but even just knowing how the previous night’s sleep affects your day is worth the effort.

    17 September 2017
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    Rob Di Toro

    This is the biggest thing for me for sure. Got only 5hrs sleep last night, or haven’t worked out all week? Doesn’t matter how much I exercise or what I ate today Going to be a terrible day.

    06 October 2017
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    This would be the biggest thing for me too!

    12 November 2017
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    Oiseau Bleu

    agreed, would be nice indeed !

    26 November 2017
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    Olli Tiainen

    A big one. The results we get tomorrow are almost always the result of what happens today. Exercise, sleep, nutrition, alcohol, productivity, etc.

    13 February
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    Mazdak Momen

    Maybe this would be a separate feature request/suggestion, could this go beyond the previous day? Maybe like a few days back? I ask because I’ve heard of cases where there is a delayed allergic reaction to foods and I’ve personally had this happen with a bee sting. Sometimes it’s not obvious to go back and connect it with something that happened, for example, 3 days before. And I imagine the use-case could extend beyond food.

    25 February