Ability to turn off attributes

Connecting various services automatically adds attributes that are associated with that service even if I don’t use them and there’s no way to turn them off. For instance I connected my Withings account and I now see “elevation” in my graphs even though it’s always set to 0 since I don’t actually use anything that tracks this. I only use my Withings account for weight tracking via my scale, I don’t even own any other Withings devices that have the ability to track elevation.

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Suggested 03 August 2017 by user Dan Peterson

Moved into Planned 04 August 2017

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    Josh Sharp

    Planned for sometime in the future.

    04 August 2017
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    Beau Gunderson

    Would love this specifically for ability to turn off sleep; I get lots of weird data e.g. an 8am bedtime every day.

    14 October 2017
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    Josh Sharp

    Beau, you can turn off the sleep group entirely from your attributes page. I can’t see any sleep data in there at all from you, but this sounds like a bug — please email a bug report if you want us to track this down.

    15 October 2017