Ability to turn off attributes

Connecting various services automatically adds attributes that are associated with that service even if I don’t use them and there’s no way to turn them off. For instance I connected my Withings account and I now see “elevation” in my graphs even though it’s always set to 0 since I don’t actually use anything that tracks this. I only use my Withings account for weight tracking via my scale, I don’t even own any other Withings devices that have the ability to track elevation.

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Suggested 03 August 2017 by user Dan Peterson

Moved into Completed 15 August 2018

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    Planned for sometime in the future.

    04 August 2017
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    Would love this specifically for ability to turn off sleep; I get lots of weird data e.g. an 8am bedtime every day.

    14 October 2017
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    Beau, you can turn off the sleep group entirely from your attributes page. I can’t see any sleep data in there at all from you, but this sounds like a bug — please email a bug report if you want us to track this down.

    15 October 2017
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    This is now complete, so you can turn off any individual attribute from your attributes page. If other attributes depend on it (for example, bedtime and wake time depend on time in bed) they’ll also be disabled.

    15 August 2018
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    Woohoo! Love this. Not tracking my weight regularly, so it probably should figure into my calculations. Thanks.

    15 August 2018