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Feels weird to suggest this but I’ve been using this app for a while because of some GI issues. It would be interesting to see if the data correlates to anything else. I know the data in the app can be exported to csv but I’m not sure if it’s accessible otherwise, it might just be saved to the local device. See app store link:

This app is unsupported on modern Android.

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Suggested 03 August 2017 by user Shanna Levy

Moved into Not possible/Seek alternatives 21 August 2023

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  • 04 August 2017 Josh Sharp approved this task

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    We don’t really want to integrate with something that only has CSV export, as it requires regular, fiddly effort from users, but I’ll put it in here for now just so we can gauge how poopular it is.

    04 August 2017
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    😂 Thanks!

    05 August 2017
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    Just voted on this, but did no one else catch his stool-ar pun?

    10 January 2018
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    I regularly track this type of run using Toggl (which I use to tech every second of my life in various categories I’ve setup). Since I also experiment with varying foods, having a quality scale on this would activity would gas me out!
    Okay, to many puns. I’m done with this paperwork.

    08 June 2018
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    This! GI diseases are actually notoriously hard to track because the symptoms might appear three days later from the cause, making intuiting the correlations almost impossible.

    22 April 2019
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    Tracking these as tags won’t be so useful? As it often takes 24/36 hours for what you’ve consumed to be “processed” - and we have no previous day correlations - I am correct?

    10 June 2019
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    Consider integrating with an app like “Cara” that is already tracking this stuff too!

    23 July 2019
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    Another vote for something like this! I have Crohn’s Disease, and currently use Poop Tracker

    30 March 2021
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    Mike, yes indeed, his pun was a sharp one, would’ve been a shame toilet it just sit there without recognition :)

    16 October 2022
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    Unfortunately this app was last updated on 2016 and no longer works with current Android … :(. Would be awesome to have poop tracking that’s integrated with overall life tracking though. There are quite a few poop tracking apps I see now, would need to find one that’s good and has quality API … Or figure out a good way to do it in Exist

    18 August 2023
  • 21 August 2023 Josh Sharp moved this task into Not possible/Seek alternatives