Ability to rename custom tags

Currently, we can only delete an attribute (and lose all relative data) and then create a new one.

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Tagged as Development

Suggested 18 August by user Cédric Aellen

Moved into Planned 26 November

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    Josh Sharp

    We’re thinking about the best way to manage this, but it makes sense so it should happen eventually.

    19 August
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    Ben Pearson

    It would be quite nice to specify whether they were morning, afternoon or evening.

    If I’m interested in correlations between exercise and sleep, I might be interested to know whether exercise in the evening has a major impact, but exercise in the morning doesn’t. I might also like to be able to make the distinction between exercise in the morning resulting in a productivity boost.

    Being able to rename custom tags will help with this; I would be able to create a tag for morning exercise and evening exercise, but it feels like I would probably be doubling them up for most of the tags I have. Should I add a new feature request for this, or does it belong here?

    14 September
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    Josh Sharp

    We won’t be adding time-of-day granularity to tags or any other values in the immediate future, sorry (big architectural change, too many other things already planned) so renaming them to specify morning and evening is probably your best shot. Renaming will happen at some point, there’s just so much to do!

    15 September
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    Shem Freeze

    The renaming would be awesome!

    05 October
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    Oiseau Bleu

    Yes, clearly a feature that would make custom tracking more “friendly.” Can’t wait :-)

    26 November