Remove character limit for mood notes

This would add the ability to write notes that are as long as you like, giving you the ability to treat this more like proper journalling if you wanted to.

This isn’t something we’re planning on changing, but we wanted a central place where you can vote for this feature if you’d like it and get updates if we do consider this in future.

Update: unlimited length doesn’t really make sense, but we’ve expanded the limit to 1000 characters, 4x the old limit.

36 votes

Tagged as Development

Created 19 August 2017 by Belle Cooper

Moved into Completed 18 August 2020

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    Please remove characters limit. Right now it is 240 characters. It will be great to use notes like a diary.

    22 February 2018
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    This please - I have tried some diary apps but always revert back to Exist.

    25 February 2018
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    agree remove limit or extend character limit.

    30 March 2018
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    Agreed–I hit it nearly every day!

    29 June 2018
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    I’d also like to chime and and suggest this feature be added soon. There’s usually a number of things that happen during the day which affect my mood rating I’d like to include and I frequently bump up against this limitation. Doesn’t even need to be “unlimited” - even an increase to 1,000 characters would be huge. Hope you’ll consider adding this to the near-term upgrade work.

    21 September 2018
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    I agree 1,000 chars will be great.

    24 October 2018
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    I’ve also voted for this feature. As I hit the limit “every” day. I also see it as a kind of journal. Rating the mood every day needs discipline, if I take myself time for this, why not adding also some context. I’m joining the “1000 chars would be nice” crowd, as 250 chars are very limiting no matter how much I summarize everything. Writing 1000 chars about a day could also be a good habit to self-reflect and set data in a much better context.

    09 April 2019
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    1000 chars FTW!

    26 May 2019
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    This sounds very helpful. Sometimes, I feel like writing a bit more, but then the limit makes me use only keywords to describe the day.

    21 October 2019
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    Would love to downvote this too. Psychologically speaking - micro-journaling is better and helps people to get used to the service more, and to get into the habit of journaling.

    Should they wish to do journaling properly, there are other tools for this.

    26 January 2020
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    Noticed this went to “in progress”. Does that mean this is being implemented? Yay!

    23 April 2020
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    Yep! It’ll be made possible as part of our manual tracking changes.

    23 April 2020
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    Unlimited length doesn’t really make sense, but I’m calling this done as we’ve expanded the limit to 1000 characters, 4x the old limit.

    18 August 2020
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    1000 characters still not enough for me sometimes :) haha but okay, I agree can use other platforms for extended notes.

    10 January