IMAP email

Generic email counts like implemented in the Gmail integration for IMAP email accounts. This is a common mailbox connection type that should be supported by most email addresses, including Exchange.

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Created 01 September 2017 by Josh Sharp

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    This would be great because by work account is exchange and so the data from gmail is only personal - this would round my life even better

    Or else use sanebox data that already integrates with a lot of data in email

    06 December 2017
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    Sanebox looks nifty! But no API so no luck there.

    06 December 2017
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    My university account has a lot of interesting productivity data. It is IMAP too ;)

    10 May 2018
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    Yes yes yes! Exchange 2016 and Office 365 support for emails and calendars would be a huge game changer. Cannot upvote enough.

    21 July 2018