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  • 05 September 2017 Josh Sharp moved this task into Not possible/Seek alternatives

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    Doesn’t appear to have an API. In the meantime RescueTime offers similar functionality and is already integrated.

    05 September 2017
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    They do seem to have an API now and I would love to see it work with Exist as well. So much better than RescueTime.


    21 August 2019
  • 22 August 2019 Josh Sharp moved this task into Suggestions

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    Thanks, that’s good to see! I’ve updated the task.

    22 August 2019
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    I’ve started using RescueTime and Toggle. Timing seems to cover both (and do it really well). Would be really keen to see this integration happen. I’m waiting for it before I switch over.

    02 December 2019
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    Tried Toggle and RescueTime, but Timing is much better by been automated(unlike Toggle) and by having better UI than RescueTime.

    23 February 2021
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    I find that Timing captures information that RescueTime just fails at. I still use RescueTime some but Timing is really where I look when I want to see how I’ve used my time.

    01 February