Apple blocking iOS updates

As you might have been aware, recently an Apple reviewer blocked a bug fix release to Exist for iOS, citing the bit where we’re not allowed make users pay for Exist without offering In-App Purchases as a means for users to pay for their subscriptions. Despite the fact that lots of other apps do this, we didn’t change anything about our subscriptions or business model, and Apple hasn’t changed their guidelines, we’ve been told our appeal failed and now we’re unable to release any updates without fundamentally changing how our subscriptions work to support IAP too. It’s going to be a fair bit of work, so consider this task a blocker to everything else we have planned and in progress. It’s a frustrating situation, so please be patient as we jump through all the required hurdles to give Apple their 30% cut of all our new subscription income. An extra apology to our non-iOS users who are caught in the crossfire.

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Created 05 October 2017 by Josh Sharp

Moved into Completed 10 December 2017

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  • 05 October 2017 Josh Sharp created this task

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    Any update on progress on this front and when development for items that impact non-iOS users will begin again?

    01 November 2017
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    Sure: we’re still working on it 😉 it’s a big change that touches lots of different parts of Exist, not just the iOS app, so it’ll take a long time. Thanks, Apple! Other development hasn’t entirely ceased, though. We finished and launched the Facebook integration after we found out about this, and multiple accounts for Gmail is nearly ready.

    01 November 2017
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    Nearly there now! Hopefully this gets approved this week.

    26 November 2017
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    WooHoo fingers crossed

    27 November 2017
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    Another rejection for linking to our account page within the app… maybe next round? 😕

    29 November 2017
  • 10 December 2017 Belle Cooper moved this task into Completed

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    Apple finally approved our iOS update today! The update should be in your App Store now, and includes some extra improvements and bug fixes. Thanks for being patient while we battled with Apple! Now we can get back to working on new stuff, like the 8-day graphs that are in beta right now.

    10 December 2017