Track sleep type breakdowns

Misfit and other integrations gather sleep information that includes both light and heavy sleep readings. I’d like to see some correlations for things like “you get deeper sleep when you don’t track ‘alcohol’” or “you get more light sleep when you’ve had less calories”.

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Suggested 08 October 2017 by user Shane Watson

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    I have narcolepsy so one of the most important health parameters for me to find correlations about is my deep sleep. I was surprised to find that Exist doesn’t bring that information in from Apple Health since it does much of the other sleep info. How many hours you sleep is not a complete picture of your sleep health. I’m sure I’m not the only one who would really love this feature!

    22 January 2021
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    I have an Oura Ring. If I have a bad night of sleep, I know it the next day. I would definitely want deep sleep included. In fact, I was surprised that it wasn’t included since the Oura service is already included in

    I looked at the Oura API. It is here.

    Here is the attribute. sleep.deep Type: Int Unit: seconds Total amount of deep (N3) sleep registered during the sleep period.

    Will deep sleep be considered in the future?

    23 January 2021
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    Oura user here. Very interested in seeing all four sleep stages get added. This sort of data seems like a natural fit for Exist! Especially when you pair this with mood, medication tracking, exercise, etc.

    25 December 2021
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    Surprised that stages of sleep from fitbit are not tracked

    10 June 2022
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