Google Tasks

This would provide the ‘tasks completed’ attribute currently offered by the Todoist integration.

Google Tasks API:

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Suggested 12 October 2017 by user Jon Blaylock

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    FWIW, this was previously a rather “unloved” product/service/offering from Google: extremely poor UI, desktop only, few (if any) integrations. However, it seems Google has doubled-down on Google Tasks: alongside the new Gmail update, Google Tasks got a brand new app for iOS/Android, a completely revamped Gmail integration, and a lot more. This update includes new developer docs:

    Seems like Google is investing more into this product. Since Google Tasks is very prominently featured in the new Gmail update, I would bet their user numbers increase a bit. Hopefully, along with new users, comes new votes for this integration :)

    27 April 2018
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    I did see that this was getting a refresh. I’ll update the link to the docs, thanks :)

    28 April 2018