Option to snooze daily review reminders

I really like getting reminded by Exist to enter my daily Mood. I would like to have a 5m,15m,1h snooze options when I pull down the reminder. A lot of the good calendar apps have this and it’s super useful. Thanks so much.

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Suggested 05 December 2017 by user David Negrin

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    I was just discussing this idea with @josh yesterday! It’s something I’m considering for a future version of the iOS app, so it would be good to see how many users feel this would be useful.

    05 December 2017
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    I like the idea, but I’d only do a one-hour snooze.

    05 December 2017
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    Snoozing notifications is now built in to Android natively, so this option now only makes sense for iOS users (assuming it is possible on iOS).

    20 November 2018