Morning reminder if you forget to rate the day before

For those of you who often forget to review your day in our mobile apps, this feature would offer an extra (optional) reminder the following morning. This could be only an extra reminder if you hadn’t entered any tags or mood data for the day before, or an option to always be reminded a second time. The time would be configurable as the nightly reminders are now.

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Created 05 December 2017 by Belle Cooper

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    I’d also like to only rate my day on the following morning. This could be accomplished with the above reminder if I could turn off the previous night’s reminder.

    For context; I use a system called The Grid and go through a checklist every morning. I have a step in the checklist to reflect on the previous day. It isn’t helpful for me to rate a day while I’m still in the middle of it, or even at the end of it, as I’m still “too close” to have good perspective.

    02 July 2018