Blood Glucose from Apple Health

Blood Glucose is something people track and using Exist’s Apple Health integration I think being able to track Blood Glucose will help people see stronger correlations in their data.

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Suggested 09 December 2017 by user Diego Gonzalez

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    strong support for this feature request.

    13 January 2018
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    Potentially transformative for diabetics and a growing area of interest for non-diabetics as Apple looks to build BG detection into future Watches

    07 March 2018
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    This would be such an incridible way to track effects on bg readings.

    08 January 2019
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    As someone with T1D, I’d absolutely love this feature. It’s no exaggeration to say that it’d be transformative.

    06 January
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    Having used a Freestyle Abbot Libre continuous glucose monitor, and tried to manually correlate information about glucose spikes with the foods I’ve eaten, support within Exist could be a game changer for me.

    02 March