Blood Glucose from Apple Health

Blood Glucose is something people track and using Exist’s Apple Health integration I think being able to track Blood Glucose will help people see stronger correlations in their data.

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Suggested 09 December 2017 by user Diego Gonzalez

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  • 09 December 2017 Josh Sharp approved this task

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    strong support for this feature request.

    13 January 2018
  • 14 January 2018 Josh Sharp edited this task

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    Potentially transformative for diabetics and a growing area of interest for non-diabetics as Apple looks to build BG detection into future Watches

    07 March 2018
  • 02 July 2018 Belle Cooper edited this task

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    This would be such an incridible way to track effects on bg readings.

    08 January 2019
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    As someone with T1D, I’d absolutely love this feature. It’s no exaggeration to say that it’d be transformative.

    06 January 2020
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    Having used a Freestyle Abbot Libre continuous glucose monitor, and tried to manually correlate information about glucose spikes with the foods I’ve eaten, support within Exist could be a game changer for me.

    02 March 2020
  • avatar - here my forum ask from today - I only subscribed because to met it was obvious that when you connect Apple Health that ALL data is available - can not understand at all why you left out blood glucose data this is so mandatory for health tracking and insights for a diabetic person. Please just tick mark the next box and make it available. Also a FreeStyleLibe user. Please also let connections be possible to insulin pumps with cloud connect and apps like myLife Ypso pump. Here we could share the insulin intake.

    24 September 2020
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    Hi Andrea, if it was as easy as “ticking a box” we would have already done it! Each new type of data requires development work to be able to import, store, and make sense of. We prioritise the most popular types of data so that with our limited time we can make Exist useful for the majority of users.

    24 September 2020
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    is there any chance that this feature might be considered in the future, then? I for one would definitely subscribe for this feature were it added and I can definitely say I know other people who would do the same

    06 April 2021
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    I’d support this but would like to use the mmol as the measurement .

    04 April