Google Doc word count (daily delta)

Google docs word count change by day would be a very valuable feature to people who track writing:

  • the way I see this done with various scripts is they keep a snapshot of the previous day and do a word count on the diff (it also seems like you could do this with their doc versioning but it isn’t clear to me how easy this is to do using the API).

  • This isn’t trivial and seemed a little out there for Exist but I thought I would mention it since a lot of writers struggle with tracking word count (to me it isn’t such a big deal, I just track if I wrote anything at all that day with “wrote” as a tag in Exist, for example).

  • I think you would want to be able to do it on a per-document or per-folder basis.

  • If custom tags with quantities are introduced a person could do this manually so rather than being a feature it could be a use-case or blog entry (which would probably get the attention of writers, e.g. posting it to /r/writing on Reddit, etc).

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Suggested 29 December 2017 by user Scott MacDonald