Vitamins from Apple Health

Apple Health now supports measuring specific vitamin intake—e.g. vitamin D. If you take varied amounts, this could be a more useful way to track than using custom tags.

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Created 19 January 2018 by Belle Cooper

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    Now that I have explored this a little in Apple Health, I would love to have the ability to track my daily iron intake levels (as suggested by my doctor) and see if those levels are having a measurable impact in the rest of my life.

    17 March 2018
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    It would be great to able to see correlations between supplements and athletic performance or mood.

    12 May 2018
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    Now that I have an app that writes this data to Apple Health every time I take my multivitamin, I’d like to see this data in Exist, especially next to mood and stress levels.

    07 August 2020
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    I would love to see how supplementation and diet is influencing my life. Please implement this!

    06 September 2020