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iOS refactor

I’m currently in the middle of cleaning up and improving the code in Exist for iOS, as well as adding lots of tests. Unfortunately, this is super boring for users because (hopefully) you won’t be able to tell that anything has changed, even though all the code making the app run will be a lot better.

This is really important for the future, though, because it should stop so many bugs creeping into the app, making the bugs that do get in there a lot faster and easier to fix, and make adding new features easier and faster, too.

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Created 22 January by Belle B. Cooper

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    We appreciate your hard work though, “go for it”!

    23 January
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    As a Product Manager, that works with software engineers everyday, I understand totally the need for refactoring/rearchitecting especially when it’s needed to provide a more solid base for the future. So ‘Kudos’ to you Belle.

    17 February
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    Thanks, both of you! It’s still a work in progress, but is coming along :)

    26 February
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    Thanks for hard wowking!!

    04 March
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    Although this is going to be ongoing for months, the first chunk of this will be rolling out in the next App Store update alongside weight & cycling distance syncing from Apple Health.

    24 May