Turn off note analysis NLP for non-English speakers

In the Note Analysis (on there is some problems with accents. For example, the Portuguese word “não” appears both as “não” and as “nã”, but I never typed “nã” in my daily reviews. This is only an example and I’m seeing several words almost duplicated except by the fact that in one of the occurrences the last letter is missing.

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Suggested 16 February 2018 by user Rafael Crivellari Saliba Schouery

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    Exist officially only supports English, and this feature makes use of natural language processing (NLP) to combine related English words, e.g. “walk” and “walking”, into the single form “walk”. For other languages this will have unintended effects, as you described. The easiest fix for this would be an option to turn off NLP if you write notes in other languages.

    17 February 2018