Overdue users get suspended before being deleted

One thing that continues to frustrate us is users whose payments fail (perhaps they haven’t updated their card details, or they have insufficient funds) who continue to use Exist right up until their accounts are deleted because they’re so overdue. We send multiple emails and in-app notifications, add a banner to the weekly email, etc., so we’re not sure if users miss all of these cues or just ignore them. Regardless, it’s frustrating to have to delete users who are still actively using Exist and still may not know they need to fix their payments.

This change means that users whose payments fail 4 times, instead of just getting a scary email saying “your account may be deleted”, will also get their accounts temporarily deactivated. Users will be immediately logged out in the mobile apps and online, and logging back in will prompt them to reactivate their account on the Exist site, which includes updating their payment details and paying any overdue charges. If they’re still deactivated after two weeks, then they’ll be deleted. Hopefully this means users who want to keep using Exist are more aware of their status.

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Created 18 February 2018 by Josh Sharp