Net carbs tracking for Fitbit

When doing Keto diet, net carbs are more important than carbs. Would be great to automatically see that tracked (i.e. carbs - (fiber + sugar alcohols)).

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Suggested 19 February 2018 by user Kirk Marple

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    So it’s carbs - (fibre + sugar)? I don’t think Fitbit tracks sugar separately so this may not be possible.

    20 February 2018
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    It would be a great start just to have:

    net carbs = carbs - fiber

    sugar alcohols (which is different than just sugar) are typically subtracted as well, but much more rare in foods.

    the fiber is the big one, because 38g carbs with 16g fiber becomes 22g net carbs (and then under the 25g/day carb limit for Keto). otherwise it always looks like i’m exceeding my carbs w/o manually looking at the numbers to do the subtraction.


    20 February 2018
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    Okay sure. We’ll see how popular it gets 😃

    21 February 2018