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Custom calculated attributes

Given the net carbs suggestion I already made, it would be useful to generalize this and create custom attributes (based on existing attributes).

For example, if this existed, I could add my own net carb attribute, based on the calculation (carb - fiber).

If you offered Excel like “=(carb - fiber)” syntax, it would open up a lot of possibilities to mine the data in the attributes.

Given I’m a software dev, I may be outside the scope of the typical user, but this app has potential for lightweight data science, if we had some of these capabilities.

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Suggested 22 February 2018 by user Kirk Marple

Moved into Not possible/Seek alternatives 22 February 2018

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    Interesting idea! But quite hard to achieve and outside the scope of what we’re building. With custom numeric attributes (a separate suggestion) you could use the api to read carbs and fibre and save the value of one minus the other. More effort, but more within scope too :)

    22 February 2018
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    Related suggestion about manual tracking

    22 February 2018