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I’ve seen correlations that suggest I use a certain application more when I do X, but I would really like to be able to find correlations for specific applications. This would help me identify which applications are making me productive, and what leads to them. Coding apps are much more productive than email, but both may be categorized as productive in Rescuetime. Also, it would help finding what makes me want to spend more time with distractions like games.

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Suggested 26 February 2018 by user James Wilcox

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    Due to the way we handle more fine-grained data, like the specific productive or distracting apps from RescueTime, this one is potentially tricky. But I won’t rule it out.

    27 February 2018
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    I am a RescueTime Premium user, and I track offline time spent reading. I would love to see how my mood correlates to specific offline time (like reading).

    01 July 2018
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    I think this is great. It will be cool to see. xxx app is the most you used today. yesterday etc. Correction will be awsome for this since the API giving the result

    23 July