Ability to delete all data or "reset" attributes or services

Something that comes up every so often is people asking to reset attributes that have accrued “bad data”. We don’t currently have a means to do this but perhaps a way to trigger a reset is worth thinking about. Unfortunately, as with many things we currently don’t do, it’s a complicated addition — any data from a service you’ve connected will go right back into that attribute next time it syncs! — so this will need some thought.

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Created 27 February 2018 by Josh Sharp

Moved into Completed 20 November 2018

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  • 27 February 2018 Josh Sharp created this task

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  • 27 February 2018 Josh Sharp edited this task

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    Perhaps also an ability to delete a specific day’s data per attribute, but again, if this syncs right back in because it wasn’t deleted at the source, it gets complicated.

    20 September 2018
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    I would suggest leave it to the user to manage deletion at source, and make it clear in the UI that any data that is still in a connected source may be pulled back in. Perhaps also give the user a prompt to disconnect the source.

    I think there are two distinct requirements here: - when I change source and the meaning is different to me (I switched from counting my personal emails to my work emails - the old data is irrelevant). - when I see an individual day that has “bad” data, and I want to prompt exist to re-pull the day’s data.

    19 November 2018
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    Yeah, for now I am leaving the second meaning, as it didn’t end up fitting very well with an overall “reset”. I’m content to explain that an active attribute will be filled with new data again soon, and leaving it to the user to decide if they also want to disable the attribute or switch sources.

    20 November 2018
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