"Your life in weeks" week display

This “Your Life in Weeks” post inspired big changes in my life because of the perspective it demands every Sunday evening when I check one week of my life off the poster hanging on my office wall. It motivates me to make the most of the time I have… and further emphasizes the value of quantifying myself with Exist.

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Suggested 01 March 2018 by user Craig Hobson

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  • 01 March 2018 Craig Hobson suggested this task

  • 03 March 2018 Josh Sharp approved this task

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    We wouldn’t include separate ratings for your weeks, but could include a similar visualisation of your weeks as mentioned here, maybe coloured by average mood or the level of some other stat (productivity for example).

    03 March 2018
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    That would be really cool… I’d love a “Big Picture” view of milestones, or color-coded chapters of my life; college, jobs, kids, etc. Curious to see what other ideas could come from exploring this!

    04 March 2018
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    Months and years also - this would be part of the timeline feature (above).

    08 June 2018
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    That would be really great

    26 January 2019